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More About us

Located in Graceville, FL servicing Florida, Georgia, Alabama and worldwide.

Moi & Matthew in Paris, France
Moi and Matthew in Brussells, Belgium

Photography and travel are essential in our lives. After all, this is how we met. 


We love to travel and experience new cultures on a fundamental level because we truly enjoy authenticity and people. 


Moi is originally from India and is now a U.S. citizen. Aside from photography and travel, she enjoys gardening and sewing.

I really enjoy Art, especially the Dutch Golden Age masters. I'm obsessed with soccer (football) and making the perfect cappuccino. 

Our photography is a reflection of ourselves because our styles complement each other. I love to focus on lighting details and Moi brings her documentary-style sensibilities. When we photograph your wedding day, we create a full-bodied work that is unique to your tastes and captures all the memorable and ephemeral moments of your special day. 

Moi and Matthew in Brussells, Belgium
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